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As a member-owned utility, Missoula Electric Cooperative (MEC) strives to uphold a commitment to service excellence, while delivering safe, affordable, and reliable electricity to its members. It is in this spirit that we are working on a project to replace the underground electric cables servicing the El Mar Estates neighborhood.


Right now, El Mar estates residents are experiencing frequent power outages due to underground cable failures because they are reaching the end of their useful life. This project replaces underground power lines installed close to 40 years ago with modern, reliable lines. We began surveying in early May of 2020 and broke ground in September of 2020. We plan to continue underground boring and conduit placement through the end of 2020. Beginning in the Spring of 2021, we will be working on replacing the aging underground electric cables and connecting them to new pad mounted transformers. You’ll receive plenty of notice and opportunities for communication throughout the construction process.



  • Replace aging underground electric cables throughout the El Mar Estates neighborhood

  • Reduce the need for open-cut trenching by utilizing directional boring to install conduits between transformers. The new cables are then pulled through the conduits and connected to new transformers resulting in reliable, safe power.

  • Install new transformers above ground to improve access and safety for future maintenance  

  • Begin with Phase 1 construction on September 8, 2020 and continuing to through Phase 2 and Phase 3 into the spring of 2021. View phase map.

  • No upgrade costs will be billed to the members in the El Mar Estates. These upgrades will be paid by MEC’s annual operations & maintenance budget.



As a member-owned utility, Missoula Electric Cooperative (MEC) strives to uphold a commitment to service excellence, while delivering safe, affordable & reliable electricity to members.



Underground power cables serving El Mar Estates residents were installed more than 40 years ago and are reaching the end of their useful life resulting in frequent, unpredictable power outages every year. In addition to the inconvenience, these outages  increase the cost of power for all members.

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The above-ground pad mounted transformers are green boxes that you may have seen in your yard or in easements. Installing the new above-ground equipment will help us more quickly restore power in the future because they will be easier to access and safer for crews to maintain. 



It is in the spirit of our mission that we are embarking upon an upcoming project to replace the underground electric cables servicing the

the El Mar Estates neighborhood.



In order to reduce costs and increase reliability, Missoula Electric Cooperative will be replacing the old, direct–bury electric cables and replacing them with new electric cables inside conduits for reliable, safe power. We will also be replacing above-ground transformers and junction boxes.



Surveying was completed in Spring of 2020.

Groundbreaking on the project will begin September 8, 2020, with Phase 1, along the southern easement of El Mar Estates. You may view the updated project map here.


ElMarPowerUpgrade.com for the latest project updates!

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After careful review, we uncovered ways that we could update and innovate our original project design to:

  • minimize impact and disturbance to yards, landscaping and fencing that were present during the original power installation; 

  • minimize road crossings;

  • increase reliability; 

  • and improve access for future maintenance.



In order to lessen the impact on our members, our project team updated the timeline to reflect the following:  


  1. Phase 1, underground boring and conduit placement, occurred in late-September through October. We then moved to phase 2, which ran from October through December. Phase 3 also began in December and will continue through mid-winter. Please review the attached phase map to locate your residence and respective phase. 

  2. This slight timeline adjustment means the work is scheduled to ensure no planned power outages related to the project occur over the holidays and during the coldest days. Weather permitting, the work will continue through the winter.  After the underground boring is complete and conduit is in place, crews will set equipment to pull new cables and connect them to the new transformers.

  3. Open-trench excavations will be minimized by MEC and Rocky Mountain Contractors, and the easements and yards will be restored at the end of the project. 







Know your property: Is there a transformer that will need to be accessed?

To prepare for construction, we’ll need your help ensuring access to the transformer and that it is clear for our crews. Our crews will need access to each of the transformer locations with a mini-excavator, approximately 6-feet wide. We are also required by the National Electric Safety Code (NESC) to maintain safe clearances from each of our transformers. For vegetation, this includes 10-feet minimum of clear space in front of the transformer and 1-foot on the other three sides. All buildings should be a minimum of 10-feet from transformers in any direction. For the safety of Missoula Electric Coop’s workers and the Contractor, we will need to verify these safe–space clearances before the start of the project. This handout on transformers helps explain the clearances needed.

Share facts and important information with us

We will reach out to you to learn more about your lot and what steps will need to be taken so that we are all prepared for construction. In the meantime, please go to your account and update your preferences if you would like to be contacted. 

Prepare for an outage


If you or anyone in your household depends on electrically operated medical equipment, plan to have a backup power supply or make alternate plans for using those devices and for refrigerating medications. The planned outages related to the El Mar Power Upgrade project are not anticipated to last longer than 8 hours. However, it is always good practice to be prepared for a power outage by protecting your computer and other electronics and having battery-operated flashlight, radio, clock, and extra batteries on hand. Learn how to open your garage door manually. Build and maintain contact lists and social networks so you can stay informed and communicate with friends and family.


  • Keep freezers and refrigerators closed.

  • Do not use a gas stove to heat your home.

  • Disconnect appliances and electronics.

  • Have alternate plans for refrigerating medicines or using power-dependent medical devices.

  • If safe, go to an alternate location for heat or cooling.

  • Check on neighbors.


More tips are available at Ready.gov.

Share facts with your neighbors 


Over the course of the project, the entire El Mar Estates neighborhood will have new underground electric cable to more than 400 homes installed.

Because it will happen in phases with a cluster of homes at a time, there will be plenty of time to prepare.


You can help by sharing facts with your neighbors and encouraging them to visit ElMarPowerUpgrade.com



Missoula Electric Cooperative, Inc. (MEC) was founded in 1936 and is a member-owned rural electric cooperative that serves electricity to members in Montana (six counties) and Idaho (one county). MEC strives to uphold a commitment to service excellence, while delivering safe, affordable and reliable electricity to its members. These principal focuses are further enhanced with innovative energy solutions and a deep-rooted involvement in the communities we serve.


In early 1936, a group of local farmers and ranchers united to serve power to their homes and farms. After countless meetings, applications, and approvals, the first Missoula Electric Cooperative lines were energized in 1938 and served electricity to the homes of 125 members within a 75-mile service area. This was the humble beginning of what has flourished over the past eight decades and now provides energy to over 13,000 member-owners across 2,000 miles of overhead and underground power line. All of this was achieved by a small network of neighbors who banded together to achieve a common goal.

What was once a small rural utility, has progressed to serve residential and commercial members in seven counties and two states. Though we are consistently evolving, our mission and outlook remain the same. We are neighbors helping neighbors – and together, we provide safe, affordable and reliable energy to our member-owners.